Sharvana Baba Community Centre Project- Barnet

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A unique opportunity has arisen for the Om Sharavanabhava Seva Trust UK to establish a multi faith community centre in Barnet, North London.The Centre will be a world-renowned centre that would become a beacon of peace and hope.

The Sharavana Baba Community Centre, would be the first of it’s kind in London. Aimed at rendering humanitarian services, uniting people from different walks of life, races and faith to collectively work towards harmonious living.

The Centre will be located in a sacred location which is completely surrounded by green woodland area and serene, with a small stream, a pond and beautiful seasonal woodland blossoms. The energy of the land is very pure and divine, The spiritual master has declared that this place is inhabited by great Saints who have done penance for long years and are still present in the subtle form.

The Aim of the Centre:

– Augur peace and love

– Spread joy through compassionate services

– United people through noble causes and novel initiatives

– Create awareness about health and well-being

– Conduct workshops and seminars to impart knowledge


Activities of the the community centre will be to hold mass prayers for world peace and harmony, to enable people to connect with their inner self and realise that route to understand the purpose of one’s life, to experience peace and joy, to enable your children experience the multi-culture and traditions, to impart the ancient wisdom of basic science to children and to provide solace to those in pain and suffering.

Facilities will be available for meditation, mass prayer, yoga session, youth seva activities, music sessions, women development programme, childrens’ development programme, charitable activities and counselling. There will also be children’s play area, public convenience and parking available on site.


The Centre is due to be inaugurated in January 2020. It is anticipated that over the next few years will evolve as a beacon of hope, not only for society, but for people from all over the world who will come to seek peace guidance and love.

Owing to the scarcity of time and paucity of funds, we make an appeal to request your kind contribution to the development of the divine Centre, which will be for the benefit of society and the future generations. The Centre would impart knowledge, provide peace and solace to everyone in need the Centre.

We urge you to be generous in providing your support to help grow the global mission of the Om Saravanabava Seva Trust UK.

You can contribute:

-to the refurbishment of the structure

-to establish one of the facilities

-towards the corpus fund for maintenance

-towards the charity planned during the inauguration

-towards the expenses for the inauguration event of the Sharavana Baba Community Centre in January 2020.

Thank you


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