Devotee Experience – 1


On the 2nd  June 2013, a devotee’s husband had injured his back, the nerve had got trapped into the S5 and S6 bone of the spinal cord whilst playing cricket. The husband could not walk, stand, sit or sleep for few weeks. He was also due to fly at the end of the month to India to invite and accompany Babaji for the Guru Poornima programme.  Babaji who was at that time in India knew this through his vision and contacted the husband in London. Babaji reassured the family and said the husband will get better very soon. Babaji reminded the family that he was expecting the husband to be in Palakkad to invite him and to accompany Babaji for the Guru Poornima celebration.


Unable to refuse Babaji’s request, an intense course of treatment with the Chiropractor was followed and miraculously the husband was around 80% fit to travel to India. As such the travel arrangements were made and another close devotee of Babaji also agreed to travel with the husband, to India . During the checking in at the airport, to their surprise, the counter staff informed them that one of the seats have been upgraded to Business class. Therefore, the husband travelled in business class, given his very serious back injury.


On arrival at Ashram, when they went for Darshan, Babaji, asked the husband about the Business class travel, the devotee was astonished. Babaji informed them, ‘I offered the business class to you so that you can relax and travel in comfort’. Later, Babaji asked them to freshen up and accompany him to a nearby Sivan temple. On the way Babaji stopped at an Anjaneya temple for Darshan and told them the story about Hanuman being loyal to Lord Rama. Baba then expressed that both of them are as Idumban and Kadamban respectively, which both devotees were delighted to hear.


Eventually when they reached the Sivan temple, the husband realised that he would need to climb approximately 3000 feet, from the ground to reach the mountainous Sithar Malai Sivan temple.


The husband politely asked Babaji to pardon him, that he will remain at the bottom of the hill, as he was unable to climb that far distance with his bad back. However, Babaji said ‘I’m here… can climb behind me.. I will look after you’. The husband obeyed Babaji’s instructions and started to climb the mountain. He could not believe how far he had climbed to reach the top of the temple, only few weeks ago he was not even able to move in bed.Click here now.


Babaji paused at the top of the mountain and asked the devotee, ‘How do you feel now, any pain?’ The devotee was in shock and told Babaji that he was not in any pain. The programme continued and the people gathered at the temple including the local villagers enjoyed their spiritual time with Babaji . There were beautiful discourses, darshan and bajan with Babaji. That night Babaji and other devotees who accompanied him stayed at the temple, sleeping roughly on the floor, which the husband never thought he could do, given his poor health condition.


Next day they all travelled to Calicut and stopped at Palani temple on their way. Again the husband assessed the number of steps involved [1008] and again reluctantly asked Babaji whether he could travel to the top by the winch. Babaji again said the same thing and the husband climbed all 1008 steps to the temple. Again the husband felt no pain and with Babaji’s blessing he was miraculously able to do the impossible given his health conditions. The devotee is now able to play Cricket better than before and actively does seva for Babaji.


Given the advanced medical intervention and technology available in this modern world, Babaji has given such an amazing blessing and experience to this devotee and aided his chronic medical condition to disappear within weeks. This would otherwise have taken over a year to recover as a minimum.  


Thanks to Mr & Mrs Jey for sharing their devotee experience with Om Sharavanabhava Seva Trust UK. May they continue to remain blessed by Babaji.


Aum Sharavanabhava