Devotee Experience 4

His Holiness Sri Sadhguru Muralikrishna Babaji came into our lives in August 2011.  Initially we did not have any strong faith in Babaji, however, as a mark of respect to spiritual leaders, we went to seek Babaji’s blessings during a house visit in Redbridge, London. After being immersed in Babaji’s discourse for nearly 2 hours, the private dharshan began at around 10:30pm. We were very unfortunate and to our disappointment we received token number 108, which meant that a minimum wait of 4-5 hours was anticipated.  We queued for a long time and the queue was moving very slowly. By midnight only token number 46 was reached . My wife and I were in another room away from the dharshan hall discussing the delays we were experiencing as the next day was a working day. My wife was very remorseful for not coming to seek Babaji’s blessings for the first time, with strong faith. She believed that was the reason we were issued a very late token number. Suddenly the house owner approached us from nowhere and gave us the token number 53 stating that he did not know how he got it but we should have it. We were very thrilled at Unsecured loans 4u and began to understand the omnipresence of Babaji.

My wife and I began chanting the sacred mantra ‘ Om Sharavanabhava’ and very quickly our turn came to seek Babaji’s blessings. As we approached Babaji, his radiant smile just engulfed us like a mother would embrace her offspring. To our surprise, Babaji provided us few enlightening background information about our family and said it will your wedding anniversary next Tuesday and Babaji will come to your home to bless you. Delighted at this news we felt extremely thrilled that Babaji’s holy feet was to bless our home on a very auspicious day of our lives.

During that period my wife had lost her sister to the deadly disease, which subsequently resulted in a breakdown in relationship with her late sister’s children, whom she loved and cared for as her own. This incident devastated us for a long period. Just before we ended our dharshan with Babaji, my wife asked Babaji, whether we would ever reconcile with her late sister’s family. Babaji said with a broad smile in Tamil “serum , seranum”. Meaning your family will reunite and should reunite. Following this blessing, a day later to our utmost delight, our families reunited as though nothing had ever happened.  This was only possible with Babaji’s blessing and our 5 years of yearning for the children concluded. The children were allowed to visit us regularly and the home environment was vibrant again.

This first blessing from Babaji was so powerful that made us to completely surrender ourselves to Babaji’s lotus feet. Since then, we have experienced several miracles by way of blessings from Babaji and have tried our best to follow Babaji’s teachings in our day to day living.  We have shared here a suite of our beautiful experiences with Babaji as detailed below.

We often feel Babaji’s presence around us.  Each time we garland Babaji’s photo, the stand  tends to grow and reach double/triple the original size of the garland, and these miracle always reassures us that Babaji is with us. Some days when we light the holy lamp, the wick would burn in the shape of the Lord Muruga’s Vel or Peacock or as a 5 headed serpent.  

Once I kept a dozen of roses for Babaji and told my wife, the garlands you put for Babaji grows, let me check if Babaji is here today then there should be 13 roses soon. I was not sure as to why I even said that, as my wife was very upset with me at this statement. I felt really guilty for my thoughts and started to write ‘Om Namashivaya’ 108 times, by way of my apology to Babaji. The following day morning to my absolute astonishment, there appeared 13 roses in the vase. I felt very small at this act of mine and pleaded with Babaji to pardon me in front of his alter at home.   

In February 2012, we were blessed to be with Babaji at Sri Krishnapuram for the Sivarathiri pooja.  It was an amazing spiritual experience. It was a gift from heaven to witness the  Rudra Yaga. Babaji’s family warmly welcomed us and looked after us like their own. Unknown to us Babaji took all measures to ensure that our first trip to Sri Krishnapuram was comfortable and an extremely spiritually elevating one.  Babaji also made arrangements for us to visit the Calicut Ashramam and Mayail Adum Kunnu temple.  The temple was located in a hill top, overlooking the valley. The whole atmosphere at Mayil Adum Kundru was exceptionally tranquil, reinforcing Babaji’s presence everywhere and elevating us to experience the manifestation of divinity. There was an old tree at the temple, it appeared to tell us a thousand stories. We were soon educated to the fact that this tree was once a weeping tree and fading, however when Babaji footsteps touched Mayail Adum Kunnu hill top and he hugged the tree, the tree suddenly started to bloom. We heard that someone had committed suicide by hanging them self on that tree and since then the tree appeared that way. We learnt that after Babaji hugged the tree he gave moksha to that unfortunately soul and soon the tree flourished. Since then all local students come to sit and study under that tree and pass all their exams with flying colours.

Babaji has visited our home on few occasions. For both of us, family and friends it was a gift from heaven.  The spiritual messages from   Babaji  is nothing new to the human sole, however, the key is in the method and the manner in which Babaji makes us understand and makes it more relevant to the current context.

The very first time Babaji visited our humble home, after the pooja, he said you are keeping a Maatha [female god] with holy water locked in a cupboard, the Maatha  has been struggling to give you her powers for 7 years.  It took us few minutes to realise that Babaji was referring to Lourdes Mary’s statue with holy water, which we had kept in a cabinet in the family room downstairs.  Whist the prayers were taking place, we moved the Lourdes holy water statue from the cupboard and placed her in our prayer room with the other deities. On that day Babaji stayed with us until past midnight. Babaji then blessed us for our wedding anniversary at midnight. My wife was very keen to serve Babaji some water/beverages, as it was the first time his holiness had visited our house.  Babaji asked her “ What do you have to offer me?”. My wife called out a long list of beverages that were kept ready for Babaji. Babaji again asked her
“ What else you have for me?” My wife was puzzled at Babaji’s request and said Babaji whatever you desire please let us know and we will endeavour to serve you.  Babaji with a beaming smile laughed and said.. “ You left one item out of the long list you presented me …. You have a can of ginger beer in the fridge and that’s what I want”.  We were completely shocked and overwhelmed by this incident, as Babaji did not enter our kitchen. Later, we accompanied Babaji to his car around 2.00 am, Babaji paused for a moment and said “Maatha is in a good place and she is very happy now”. This incident occurred when we were at our primitive spiritual stage, this act of Babaji again stunned us all, as there was no way that Babaji could have witnessed the movement of the Maatha that evening.  Both my wife and I and other devotees who were present, were completely soaked in Babaji’s blessings and were extremely delighted to have been in the presence of his Holiness that evening.   

On another occasion when Babaji visited our house, after the pooja, Babaji said  
“ Everything is good in your prayer room, but you now need to hang the grandfather’s photo”. We were bewildered, as both our grandfathers photos were already present in our prayer room. Looking at our confused faces Babaji said,  “My grandfather”, then we realised that Babaji was requesting us to hang a photo of Shirdi Sai Babaji. Soon we ensured that  a photo of Shirdi Sai Babaji was also kept in our prayer room. The following year, without any plans we then had the opportunity to visit Shirdi and seek the blessings of his holiness Shirdi Sai Babaji.

Each year, my wife fasts for the Navarathiri pooja and keeps the gollu at home. After Babaji’s feet blessed our humble home, each year when the manjal Pillaiyar [Lord Ganapathy made out of turmeric powder] is kept in the pooja and on the 9th Day the manjal Pillaiyar gets covered in kungumum. These miracles again reinforces Babaji’s omnipresence and giving us abundances of blessings.

My wife often keeps rice grains or pieces of bread for the birds in the garden. One day Babaji asked her, “ Are you recognising me as pigeons and sparrows and feeding me?”. Again we were delighted that Babaji was reiterating that he is always with us and guiding us.

After Babaji’s arrival in our lives, we feel so fulfilled in every way and regularly follow the rituals to the best of our abilities.  In all the poojas and bajans conducted at home, we feel the presence of Babaji and the lingering sweet fragrance of our beloved Sadguru.

The devotees, who have experienced the divine grace of Babaji, do not need any explanation as to the powers of his holiness. Regrettably, individuals who have not been fortunate, to seek Babaji’s blessings, however much explanation is provided, unfortunately fail to understand the blissful experiences with his Holiness Sri Sadguru Sharavana Babaji.

Babaji’s words of wisdom and teachings, simply demonstrate that there is so much more to learn about life and spirituality than we have envisaged. The little time we have been privileged in being in the presence with his divine grace has been as consuming the ‘ holy panchamirtham’.

We feel extremely elevated and spiritually captivated by our divine experiences with our beloved Babaji. We keep questioning ourselves as to what we have done to deserve such beautiful blessings from Babaji and his kind love and affection towards our family and friends.

With Babaji’s blessing we pray that may Babaji’s global mission to spread the divine message across the world reach all humankinds and may they soak in the blessings and guidance of his Holiness Sadguru SharvanaBabaji.

Jay Sri Sharavana Babaji

Gurve saranam