Devotee Experience 3

On the 17th of November 2010 my parents and I were extremely fortunate to meet Babaji at a house visit by mere chance. It was not pre planned by us. However, a friend persuaded us to visit a nearby house that evening. The events of that day can only be explainable as Babaji’s intervention to call us to Him. Just as I entered the house and sat down I saw Babaji sitting upon his chair and His eyes met mine and He smiled. As the usual house visit itinerary followed, I sat there uncertain and unsure of why I was there but I knew that I desired to remain there.

After a few hours, dharshan began, we waited patiently in the queue until it was our opportunity to converse with Babaji. As we kneeled in front of Babaji. He questioned us, ‘Where is your second daughter? Will she not come and see Babaji?’ My parents and I were shocked; the owners of this house did not know how many members there were in my family so how could Babaji? Babaji continued to reveal to us facts about our family and our lives as if he was a member of our family and was with us through our daily lives.  He stated to us all, ‘You have all nearly lost your lives many times’, this was completely true. Over the past few years due to various incidents and near miss accidents as a family our lives were nearly taken away from us.

One reason my parents were eager to meet Babaji that evening was due to my previous ill health. For approximately six months prior, I was in ill health due to unexplainable pain in various joints in my body. I had recovered steadily after sometime until I was free from pain. However, my parents were still worried about my health therefore agreed to see Babaji as advised by some of our friends.

That day during sharsh Babaji, looking at me said, ‘You have frequently visited the hospital recently’. He was talking about my previous illness requiring me to visit the hospital often. Then he continued, ‘You have a problem between your throat and stomach.’ My parents and I were perplexed I had not suffered any difficulties between my stomach and throat till that point. After dharshan we left the house visit in wonder and confusion. My instinct told me that Babaji would become an integral part of our lives, yet, I had no idea we would form such a beautiful, unbreakable relationship with Babaji. Before Babaji returned back to India, we had the opportunity to see Babaji a few more times and soon began to establish a special bond.

Some months later, near the end of January, moments after I had finished my evening meal uncontrollably I vomited all the food I had consumed. Believing it was due to a common virus we did not take it too seriously. However, ever since that day every time I ate or drank anything, I would instantly regurgitate it all, leaving me weak and dehydrated. Consequently I was admitted to hospital.

During the early hours of my first night in hospital, I had a vision of Babaji in an elegant orange robe descending towards the side of my hospital bed from the ceiling. At that time I was not thinking of Babaji and we had forgotten what he had told us the first time we saw him. Seeing Babaji’s image instilled into me a sense of reassurance and confidence that I was not alone as Babaji was with me. The following day my mother had a vision of Babaji beside my bed watching over me giving her hope as well as strength.

The doctors were unable to discover both the cause and the cure for my illness after endless tests, scans and x-rays. Yet I was still unable to digest even a small bite of food or even drink a sip of water without it resurfacing. After around 6 days in hospital the doctors discharged me after stating they unfortunately could not aid me as my illness was a mystery to them.

Once I returned home that Sunday we went to Babaji’s Ashram in Preston Road, London. There we spoke to an uncle who had spoken to Babaji on the phone the previous day. My mother asked him if he speak to Babaji to tell him about my situation because Babaji had known there was something wrong between my stomach and my throat even before I became ill. Therefore my mother hoped that Babaji would be able to help us.

The next day the uncle called us saying he had spoken to Babaji regarding my illness. Babaji instructed that my mother should make me a mixture of rice, yoghurt, black pepper, ginger, garlic and turmeric which I should eat three spoonfuls’ of each day, for three days.

The first day I tried that mixture of food I swallowed it and experienced a burning sensation down my throat yet I did not vomit the medicine advised by Babaji which was a wonder itself. Since I had not managed to eat even a small bite of food or drink anything without it resurfacing in nineteen days.

Due to my severe weight loss, signs of dehydration and weakness leaving me unable to even open a door. I was admitted once again into hospital where I continued to eat the divine medicine as instructed by Babaji. However, whenever I attempted to eat anything else or drink anything within seconds it be would be emitted out of my mouth again.

After eating the medicine instructed by Babaji on the third day I tried to eat some other food expecting to vomit the food as usual. However, this time I managed to eat the food without it resurfacing. It was unbelievable after twenty one days I was able to eat and drink once again. I was shocked and overwhelmed as was my family. The doctors were even more surprised as they had given up hope believing that there was no a cure for me. They wholeheartedly agreed that my recovery was purely down to the medicine instructed by Babaji.

When Babaji visited London again, my family and I were eager to see and thank Babaji. As soon as Babaji saw me he held me hand and inquired, “Why were you afraid I was with you? ’’ Those words still echo in my ear today to remind me that through anything and everything Babaji is there with us all.

All I can say is that Babaji gave me back my life and for that I will be eternally grateful to Babaji. Not only for curing me which allowed me to eat and drink once again but for appearing to me during that difficult time to give me the strength, love and hope I was desperately in need of.
Since the first time we met Babaji as a family we have been honoured with many experiences, each being significant in its own way. Words are insufficient to explain how Babaji has touched our hearts and embraced us with his unconditional love. In times of sorrow he has shared our sorrow and in times of joy he has celebrated with us. On behalf of my family I just want to offer our gratitude and love to Babaji without whom we would not be where we are today. We surrender to your holy lotus feet Babaji.

On another occasion Babaji visited my uncle’s house for a house visit On Monday the 23rd of July 2012 . That day we were truly blessed to be in the presence of Babaji whilst he was in Nagabhavam and gave us all the sacred prasadam of turmeric powder.

Whilst dharshan was occurring my father felt rather unwell as he was overcome with dizziness. He was taken to Babaji who directed him to drink lime water with salt. Slowly my father’s condition deteriorated and then suddenly he fainted. An ambulance was called to take my father away to hospital. Becoming increasingly fearful and worried, we ran to Babaji who showered us with his love and reassured us that my father will be well. Until the end of the house visit Babaji strengthened, comforted and convinced us that my father’s health shall return to usual, to each every family member and friend, who was present that day.

At the hospital my father endured various tests to find the cause of his sudden relapse because until that day my father was perfectly healthy. However, all his test results were normal and slowly he returned to his former health allowing him to be discharged the following morning.

That evening Babaji visited one of our family friend’s house. My sister and I went to the house visit first whilst my parents planned to come a little later after my father rested for sometime and my mother made prasadam for Babaji. When Babaji saw me he smiled then inquired, ‘Where is your father? Will he not come today?’ ‘Babaji, he will be coming a little while’, I responded. He just smiled again.

Later in the house visit, as soon as Babaji had finished his satsang he saw my father at the door.

‘Sasi Swami’, Babaji called, ‘Did you go to Kalisha and return yesterday?’ His words rang with the significance of what occurred the previous day, of how close my father had been to losing his life.

When our time for dharshan came Babaji explained to us what exactly happened the previous day. Babaji told us that the previous day was a difficult and testing time for my father as Lord Saneeshwaran was chasing after him since midday. Babaji revealed to us that my father was ordained to be in a large car accident which should have left him with severe injuries and with his life questionable. Also Babaji stated that my father was also meant to spend some time in hospital which is why he was taken away by ambulance. We were amazed at the fact my father was supposed to be in a car accident that night. As the previous day during Babaji’s house visit at my uncle’s house a driver passing by crashed into two cars parked directly in front of my uncle’s house.  Fortunately there was no serious damage with no one harmed. Only then did we realise why there had been a car accident. That night there was meant to be a car accident near my father so there was but due to Babaji no one was injured in anyway.

Finally, Babaji told us that what is preordained cannot be altered nonetheless Babaji can reduce the effects. My father was meant to have a challenging day and night on that specific day. Babaji explained that Babaji minimised a mountain into something much smaller, referring to Babaji preventing the large car accident which would have left my father in a serious condition, instead my father felt rather unwell that night.  

Every day when reflecting back at the events, I cannot comprehend what happened that day and Babaji’s divine explanation. The thought of what would have occurred without Babaji’s intervention is unthinkable. This is another way in which my family and I are indebted to Babaji. Words are not enough to describe our gratitude.   

Thank you Babaji

Thanks to Vidya Sasitharan for sharing her very sensitive devotee experience with Om Sharavanabhava Seva Trust UK. May Vidya and her family continue to remain blessed by Babaji.

Aum Sharavanabhava