Devotee Experience – 2

Preist Krishna Thirumeni  Iyer’s experience from Bhagavan’s Murugan Temple Sreekrishnapuram Palakkad.

In 2008 Babaji visited Sri Anjaneya Swamy temple in Palakad on the way from the temple Babaji asked the driver to turn the car around as Babaji wanted to visit nere by temple. Out of surprise Babaji visited my home where we have our ancestral Bala Murugan temple in Palakad. Our ancestors for many generation have worshipped and carried out rituals at this temple for more than 120 years. When Babaji visited our temple the temple was ruined and the temple was closed down as there was no body to maintain the temple as I was working in a different state at the time. This is temple people had taken ormanents and things and the remaining things were scattered all over the floor.

Out of all the objects, there was a wooden spoon that was used by our ancestors to do the hormam. This had fallen into the ground and had got buried under the sand.

Babaji scavanged out this spoon as this shouldn’t be under the ground as this wooden spoon was used by our ancestors for many years and this should be worshiped and not neglected.

Babaji has also mentioned that he lives in this temple in the form of Bala Subramaniya and this temple will be rebuilt and the worshipping and prayers will be carried out once again at this temple as how it was before. Checkout knightfinance for more details.

Babaji dedicated his time and carried out a Vishnu Hormam at the temple. While Babaji carried out this rituals, there was a Garudan (eagle) circled above the temple. Accordimg to the Hindu beliefs, this was a sign of blessings and grace from Lord Maha Vishnu.

Babaji had mentioned that this hormam would normally take two nights to complete the fire rituals and Babaji had completed this rituals in two hours. During this time three ladies came to the temple and Babaji gave them kumkum and tumeric powder. Babaji told us that Godess Shakthi, Luxmi and Saraswathi came in the human form to bless the temple. It was absolutely amazing to experience this divine presence. Babaji helped and supported us immensely to rebuild this temple.

After visiting our temple Babaji went to Kalpathy River and took a bath there while Babaji was having the bath at kalpathy River near Shiva temple 2 ladies appeared there and Babaji told us that Goddess  Valli and Devasena and came to get blessing from Babaji and Babaji gave them kumkum and tumeric. In that river there was a  peacock lamp appeared itself in the water and it portrayed great significance. Babaji always reminds me that we have a previous birth connection due to which Babaji received this divine lamp. There was a Lord Shiva Temple right next to this river and Babaji lit this lamp at this temple and took the lit lamp all the way to Shreekrishnapuram. Babaji always carries this lamp with Him. (This can be at the pictures )

Babaji is holding the lamp that had mentioned in the article.

After Babaji’s visit we were able to realise how important it was to rebuild  the temple quickly and  to end the suffering we have gone through in the family. Maintaining the ancestral faith and belive was our obligation. By rebuilding the temple we can secure grace and  blessings from Lord Muruga and our ancestors.

Rebuilding a ruined temple was a very challenging task and only with Babaji’s grace and blessing gave us the motivation and courage to rebuild the temple only with Gurus grace we can achieve any impossible task in life.

On 9th April 2017 we had the temple kumbabishkam. I spoke to Babaji on the 18th March and invited Babaji for the temple Kumbabishkam and Babaji donated Rs 5000 for the temple kumbabishkam. I was honoured  to receive the first donation towards the temple from Babaji. Babaji was leaving to go to Canada next day and I was upset that  Babaji couldn’t attend the kumbabishkam to bless us.

Babaji picked up a stone from the ground and this stone looked like Lord Ganesha. Babaji blessed the stones and gave it to me and told me that it was Babaji’s heart and asked me to worship this. I have told Babaji “I will take this gift to the kumbabishkam to represent You Babaji”. Babaji ensured everything will go smoothly and Babaji’s presence will be there. Babaji’s words came true. The kumbabishkam went unexpectedly well as all our relatives took part and helped us to conduct the rituals.

Babaji’s Brother and Mother attended the kumbabishkam also other devotees from the Matham come and helped us with the kumbabishakam and made this function very special and memorable day.

We have all witnessed a Garudan (eagle) flying above the temple as the ritual was happening same significant occurrence happened when Babaji first visited the temple and did the Vishnu Hormam. All Babaji’s devotees felt the Babaji’s divine presence at the function and that reminded me Babaji’s promise.

Thank you Babaji for all your blessings  and grace we have realised that without your grace nothing is possible. We had lots of challenges and obstacles and only with Babaji’ blessings all these were possible and giving us strength and the mind to rebuild the temple and making the kumbabishkam very special.

From the 1st meeting itself I deeply felt the connection with Babaji. I felt that I have served Babaji in my previous births as well.

Meeting Babaji had changed my life immensely. I went to Sreekrishnapuram to thank Babaji for visiting our temple and I didn’t  have any other expertation than finding the reason for Babaji’s visit to our family temple but when I saw Babaji’s vibrant eye, soothing smile and energetic look I knew immediately that Babaji is avatar of Lord Muruga Him self. I have felt the bliss and couldn’t believe that I have just seen Lord Muruga with my eyes.

From that moment I wanted Babaji to be my Guru  and I have asked Babaji if I could offer my services to Him and Babaji was extremely happy about my request and accepted me as his disciple.

Ever since that moment I have offered my devotional pooja and service to Lord Muruga, Shridi Babaji and at Naga temple.

One day it was raining heavily and it was a time to do pooja for Naga temple. Naga temple doesn’t have a roof and the I was finding it difficult to do the pooja in the rain as the lamp will go off in the rain.

When I got ready to do the pooja the rain stoped and with Babaji’s grace I have carried out the pooja with out any interruption. It was Babaji’s miracle that stopped the rain so that I can perform the pooja.

I have experienced this miracle  few times and very grateful for Babaji’s kindness and blessings

Om Sharavana Bhava

Krishna Iyer’s from Shri Krishnapuram.

Thanks to Krishna Iyer’s for sharing his devotee experience with Om Sharavanabhava Seva Trust UK. May he continue to remain blessed by Babaji.

Aum Sharavanabhava