Project in Sri lanka 2017

SEVA APPEAL: Destitute and Displaced Families and Individuals in Sri Lanka

What is Seva (Service)

‘Seva’ is a word in Sanskrit, meaning ‘Selfless Service’. It means to serve Humanity or Nature selflessly. It is the ‘Act of Giving’ and Giving without any Expectation or Conditions.

When we experience the love within us, we naturally empathise with others and express compassion. The Act of Giving or ‘Seva’ thus allows to experience and express this love and at the same time create joy for the receiver. Only when we are in this state can we feel the pain of others and empathise with them and exercise compassion.

Each one of us has a responsibility not only for self but also for the wellbeing of others, Seva allows us to fulfill this duty in our very short lifetimes.

Why Do Seva (Service)

The concept of Seva was introduced in the ancient times by the Great Sages to help humans overcome their ‘Prarabhdha’, meaning ‘Bad Karma’ earned due to mistakes committed in ones life, past or present. Where Karma is the philosophy that life is governed by cause and effect: for every action there will always be a reaction. In other words, one’s doings will have a corresponding future outcome. The act of Seva enables an individual to earn ‘Punyam’ or ‘Good Karma’ with the objective of neutralising ones Karmic Balance Sheet, whilst at the same time aiding in the well-being of others check my site.

Through Seva, a Sadhguru can help us to overcome our Bad Karma, step by step, cleansing us and enabling us to realise our True Self, Our True Purpose and one day help us merge with the divine and all existence.

The highest forms of Seva are:

  • Provision of food, clothes and basic living essentials to the needy.
  • Provision of medicines and healthcare services to the poor.
  • Provision of quality education and materials to underprivileged children.
  • Nurturing and preservation of our environment.

photo 3I am sure that everyone of you has always thought or wished to take a trip to India, or some other place for that matter, visit an Ashram, Orphanage or Destitute Support Centre and donate/give something in the form of a Seva. Now, Imagine, you have an opportunity for a Sadhguru to be your ‘Helping Hands’ in doing this Seva on your behalf, so that your thoughts and wishes become a reality, this is the life mission of Sadhguruu Sri Sharavana Baba.

Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba

Swami Murali Krishna, more fondly known as Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba or ‘Baba Ji’ was born to humble parents in October 1979 in the village of Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad, India. At a very young age, as a boy, he demonstrated he was special showing acts of love and kindness that amazed the people in the local villages. He would beg for alms and distribute them amongst the poor, but would not partake in the consumption of a morsel of it.

Baba Ji is a Self-Realised Master and Guru, who has taken a human birth to guide humankind as an Embodiment of Love and Selfless Service (Seva). Over the last two decades  Baba Ji has provided a unique opportunity for people to partake in the performance of Seva by giving to the destitute in both India and Sri Lanka, bringing joy to millions and at the same time transforming the lives of people, by filling them with Peace, Love and Bliss.

Baba Ji has instigated a number of projects and initiatives in the past years, such as aid to people affected by the war in Sri Lanka, which included: Bicycles to students in war-torn areas, women welfare, welfare of children (especially orphans), education materials to the destitute students in rural areas, tribal welfare, afforestation, welfare of animals, distribution of clothes and blankets to the destitute, distribution of food, distribution of medical aids, medicines and financial support to terminally ill patients, quality healthcare to rural folk through medical camps, distribution of sewing machines to women for a sustainable living and distribution of cows to farmers.

How can YOU get involved and Do Seva

Sri Lanka, is an island of natural beauty, colonial heritage and rich culture, but sadly also a countryinflicted by 30 years of civil war and destruction. Thousands of innocent civilians lost their lives

and thousands more are continuing to suffer from the aftermath of the war, mainly in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.  Baba Ji will now be travelling, for his next project, to remote parts of Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka (Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu and Batticaloa) from 1st of March 2017 to 11th of March 2017 to perform

Seva offering aid to the hard-to-reach Families and Individuals.

photo 3The main objectives will be:

  • Distribution of essential food items and clothing to families and individuals including those who are bed-ridden or with disabilities.
  • Run medical camps to carry out health screening especially for malnourished children.
  • Fund urgent operations.
  • Provide bicycles to underprivileged school children to aid in their long commute to school ,which can be as long as 15km away.

It is your opportunity to get involved and take your part in this major Seva Event:

  • A gift parcel containing food ,clothing and essential items, cost £20,will feed and clothe one family
  • Medical assistance to the needy people
  • Livelihood assistance to the needy
  • A child’s bike, cost £80

You decide how many families, medical help/assistance,  or children you want to support. Just imagine a £200 donation will look after 10 families, that’s 10 families you are helping. Do as much as you can!
photo 3
Our target is to raise £90,000 by 28th February 2017 with the following support targets:

  • 2000 gift parcels
  • 100 medical assistances
  • 40 livelihood assistances
  • 250 Children Bikes

Thank you for your kindness please give generously.
‘Om Sharavanabhava’

If you want to track how you are making a difference please see the following links:

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Om Sharavanabhava Matham Trust

With a mission to spread love and compassion, Sadhguru established the Om Sharavanabhava Matham. This is a charitable organization consisting of multiple ashrams (spiritual retreats) throughout India and London, as well as many spiritual centers across Asia, Middle East and Europe.

The ashrams act as bases where devotees of any faith can receive Sadhguru’s discourse as well as engage in several Seva (selfless service) activities.

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