Category: Seva Trust

Sharvana Baba Community Centre Project- Barnet

A unique opportunity has arisen for the Om Sharavanabhava Seva Trust UK to establish a multi faith community centre in Barnet, North London.The Centre will be a world-renowned centre that would become a beacon of peace and hope. The Sharavana Baba Community Centre, would be the first of it's kind in London. Aimed at rendering [...]

Vastradaan (Clothes Distribution)

Babaji says that modest clothing is one of the basic necessities of human life and that the individuals from the most under-privileged sections of the society are the ones who need it the most. Hence, many events have been organised so that the needy receive adequate clothing for all seasons. During the holy festivals, clothes […]

Vidyadaan (Educational Material Distribution)

The Trust regularly supports education, which is the foundation of a meaningful life and a better society for tomorrow. Through many schools, the Trust has reached out to the needy and deserving students to provide them with the essentials for good education. At every charitable event, more than 10,000 notebooks, pens and pencils are distributed […]

Arogya Seva – (Healthcare)

Babaji’s words of wisdom – healthy mind, healthy body, thereby a healthy and harmonious society, have initiated the Arogya Seva project that provides healthcare through medical outreach programs and donations to people in dire conditions to foot their medical bills. Seva Arogya Foundation documentary video was promoted all over the world through social media with […]

Annadaan (Charitable Donation of Food)

Babaji always insists that Annadaan is the greatest seva (selfless service) of all, and that it should be conducted with dedication and compassion. About 2000 families benefit from Babaji’s generous distribution of groceries, conducted in various rural areas of Palakkad and Kozhikode around 5 times in a year. Babaji encourages devotees to conduct similar programs […]